» Exceptional customer service!

» An unwavering respect for worker safety!

Pride in knowledge, experience and a job well-done! A strong respect for clients and employees alike!

These are just some of AERO's most important promises and pursuits. If you feel like you possess any of these points then perhaps a career with AERO is right for you.

At AERO you will have the opportunity to work together with experienced professionals and management as you become part of a proud and efficient team. AERO is always on the look-out for new and dedicated employees to join them in this fast growing profession.

With a great understanding and respect for its employees, AERO takes great pride in seeing each and every one of its workers trained, educated and experienced. The company ensures that proper education and continued training is provided to all the members of the AERO team.

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Aero Drilling & Consulting Ltd.

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