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Services :: Coal Bed Methane (CBM) Drilling

Known as 'natural gas in coal', coal bed methane is an important and fast growing resource in Alberta. This new type of drilling requires adaptive techniques, technology and a wealth of experience to properly tap. The team at AERO are experts at drilling these shallow gas operations quickly and efficiently.

Using a specially equipped rig, AERO optimizes its CBM operations by staying mobile and being able to drill several locations with one rig.

No costly fleet of bed trucks are required as the entire operation is completed with one self-propelled, fully equipped, mobile, mounted trailer. In fact, only one bed truck is required to move the entire substructure! Saving you both time and money, AERO's special rig is equipped to drill on the move, able to move the whole operation in 5 loads!

The rig is fully capable of running range 3 casing, run with a top head drive unit which ensures that the casing will be properly torqued. Top drives are proven to be safe, speedy and efficient. Also included in our portable CBM outfit is a Vac Truck and Water Truck which results in a significant decrease in rig downtime. Since AERO supplies these trucks, their operators are fluent in rig procedures and worksite operations, procedures, and safety.

Air drilling is a proven, effective method of drilling Coal Bed Methane as the use of air means less chemicals are used. With air there is also a decrease in pay zone contamination and the amount of water required on the project (an incredible advantage when dealing with 'water sensitive' areas). That these methods are more environmentally friendly, more efficient and safer than conventional drilling methods is very important to both AERO and its clients.

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